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"When people you work with do their job to make things right and still have time to smile and get along with others, I want them around."      
               --John Wayne


Important Stuff:

DOB: 12-15-2000 

AKC # WR01502204

HIPS:  RO-63327E24M-PI


CERF: RO-4468/2005-58




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2005 CRC Sieger
Multi BIS/BISS Select Ch
Gamegards U.S. Marshall RN, CGC


"Those who like me already know me, and those who don't
like me wouldn't want to read about me anyway."

                                                                    --John Wayne


Thanks for stopping by to meet me.  I guess I should start at the beginning.   

I was being thought about by my mom(s) for 25 years (so they tell me now).  I was actually conceived at MRC the night my mommy Munchie went BISS.  My daddy Rand took an AOM that same day!  MRC has kinda been a family "thing" for us...... as you can see below, I had LOTS to live up to!

1998: Mom ~ BOSS
1999: Dad  ~  BISS    Mom ~ BOSS
2000: Mom ~ BISS     Dad  ~ AOM
2001: Dad   ~ Award of Merit
         Mom ~ 1st Brood Bitch Class
         ME   ~ Grand Prize Futurity
2002: ME   ~ BISS!!!
2004: ME   ~ BISS!!!

They always told me I was "destined" to win MRC .... so, I DID!   I was just 22 months old the first time!  (Everyone was SO happy, they kept kissing me and hugging me.... it was kinda embarrassing!). They tell me I come from a LONG line of Specialty winning AND producing kin.  You can see them all on my pedigree page.





Following in our family tradition of MRC, my son CHISUM just won it this year!! (2006)  He makes our THIRD generation BISS at MRC!   He has his own page on my site now, cuz he wants to be like his daddy!!  We are good buds, Chisum and me... we play together, sleep together and get along great.  He helps me out with the chores around here.  Kinda nice havin' some help!  Gramma Munchie is still the BOSS.....and we BOTH know it!  Mom says she keeps us BOTH in line!  Click here to see my son Chisum's page and what's happening with him!

My show career has been lots of fun and very exciting, but I think all the details are kind of boring to write about, so if you want to know more, you can look on my  Belt Knotches page, or at some of my pictures on my Slide Show!  And if thats not enough info, my mommy Pam will be glad to give you more! (Good grief.... the humans really do love talking about this stuff!!). 

If you want to know what *I* like about showing, I'll tell ya!  I like the nice warm bath and massage I get before the show and all the fussing!  I don't even mind my pedicure!! 

And when I'm all clean, I try to always remember to thank the girls.
(Mommy Pam taught me very good manners!!!)

I LOVE the rides to the shows... we always have such fun, my mommy Munchie always comes along to supervise! (Sometimes she can get REAL bossy tho, especially when people get to close to our car....).  I LOVE when we get to the shows, and I get to stay in the hotels and see all my friends....human and doggy!   

My mommy Pam says I am a regular social butterfly, what ever that means!!  I like all the little fluffy  dogs.. cuz I grew up with them in my mommys grooming shop and they make me laugh, with all their long flowing hair and silly  bows!  I sometimes like to go up to them at the shows and say hi.... but for some reason, their mommys always think they should be scared of me. I don't get it.  I just wanna play!

I LOVE it when I get to go into the big show ring... I get ALL that attention and all those GREAT snacks!!!!!!  YUMMMMY!  Then I get to run around and strut my stuff and when the person in the middle points at me.... everyone screams and yells and jumps up and down and hugs me and kisses me!  I don't quite get that either, but I sure like it!!!  The icky part is the pictures... cuz I am always hot and they always try and make me hold my tongue in...... THAT'S HARD when you are hot!!!!  (humans aren't very smart sometimes!!).   Sometimes...when no one's looking...I practice my standing on the podium thingie... But try as I might...I still can't get my tongue in!


I am very lucky...I have 3 (human) mommys...My mommy Pam, who I live with...  we are the bestest friends.... she always tells me that she doesn't know what she'd do without me!  :-)

<---She is always smooching on me...I like that! 

Mommy owns a grooming shop and boarding kennel and I get to go visit all the groomers and meet all the doggies coming  and going. I love it... even tho some of the dogs bark at me!  Some of them aren't very nice!  I just go visit someone else when they do that (like her!!!!)

Mom always tells me she is proud of me for not fighting back...that I am a very happy boy!  And when Mommy Pam is not looking, I tell all the girls to take a break and we start smoochin'!!!

My other "mum" is Vicky (Weaver)....she has owned and bred ALOT of my kin!   She is wonderful too..... I  was born at her house.... she does all the whelping cuz mommy Pam gets all nervous and emotional!  Mommy Pam and Vick are partners and they do ALL the doggie stuff  together! We always go to the shows and things like that.  It is great fun when we all get to be together!  Mummy Vick is a "softie" and I can pretty much get everything I want from her.....I love it when she is with us .... all the more for me!  (Isn't it ALL about me??)  She's always smoochin' on me too!  (what IS it with these humans????  Don't they know a good sniff and slurp will do??) 

My third mom, is my Grammy Joanne (Cochran)... my daddy (Rand) owns her!  My great granddaddy, Krugerrand, owned her too! She is just wonderful.... she REALLY makes a fuss over me!!! SHE lets me do ANYTHING!!   Never says NO..I can lick and smooch and roll around and act silly and get on all the furniture and have all the treats I want with her!!  (my other moms are more strict!).  I LOVE having a grammy.... they are the best! 

So, you see, I am so very lucky, I have the very best..... 3 times over!!  

I've got some exciting news to share since Mommy Pam first made up this here webpage...

Seems that I am something special, at least that's what they call me now...a special.  My sidekick has been Julia Foster and together, we've been having some real fun, going to 106 shows!!!  That might seem like a lot but it was easy because I always get to travel with Mommy Pam and stay in fancy hotel rooms...what a life it is!  And, the best part is that I made lots and lots of new friends in my travels.

Julia and I  won most of the big shows...CRC, NRC, MHRC, EVRC, *TWICE at MRC* and we even won the "Top Twenty" at ARC (I think it's because the judges were wowed by my "Prairie Dog") and "Select" at ARC from the Veterans Class (don't know what that means, I still feel YOUNG!).  Best of all...Julia and I were Best of Breed at Westminster!   I got to be on TV and everything!!!  And in the Local Newspaper... Page 1, Page 2).   You should have seen me...I showed so well and the crowd was cheering like crazy for me...there were so many bright lights, and did I mention the TV cameras???  It was great!   My daughter, Trig,  was also there with me and she Best of Opposite Sex.  I am soooo proud of her.

Apparently someone gives points out for all of these wins and Julia and I got lots of 'em.  In those 106 showings, we won 95 Best of Breeds, 9 Best in Specialty Shows, 6 All Breed Best in Shows, 34 Group Ones, 16 Group Twos, 8 Group Threes and 9 Group Fours, plus one Sieger Title!  You can go to my Show Wins page to see them all.  They added up those points and it put me in the ARC Top Twenty for 2002, 2003 & 2004.  I was the # 2 Rottweiler All Breed and #3 Rottweiler Breed for 2003... only shown 52 times.. and the # 3 Rottweiler Breed AND All Breed 2004... only shown 54 times!!!  I do feel like I'm braggin' a bit here, but I guess these things are important to some people so I'm supposed to mention 'em. 

Most important to me are my new friends, and my girlfriends.  Yup, Mommy Pam finally started letting me date and it seems that I'm a hit with the gals.  Not only that, but my young'ens are starting to go to the shows with me now and those judge folks really like them.  Mommy Pam told me that there are already ONE HUNDRED & THIRTY CHAMPIONS which they told me is the most Champions that any Rottweiler has ever produced...I think that's pretty darned good!  

You can CLICK HERE to see my pups...I'm one very proud Poppa!  And you know what I found out?  There's people who give out awards for me making good kids also.  I told them that I don't need any awards 'cuz that's the fun part, but I'm getting some anyway.  They're called ARC Gold Sire and ARC Top Producer for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009.  I also found out that I now have the most ARC Production Points EVER!  Thanks kids!

I have one especially wonderful son.  His name is Chisum and he's my best friend!  Chisum is picking up where I left off by winning Specialties (in fact he just won the ARC National!).  He is also producing grandkids that I am very proud of!

Well, I think that's about all the news I can muster up.  I'll be out and about this year and hope to see y'all at shows.  If you feel you won't get to see me at a show and you are lookin' to meet me...... just give us a call..... Mommy Pam says you can come and visit me at home.........(I LOVE company!!! :-)

Well..... I have rambled on long enough, and as my old pal, John Wayne would say, 

"I'm burnin' daylight!".....

I better go do my chores, and make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing. So thanks for droppin' by...hope to meet ya all soon!

(I'm going to ride off into the sunset now.........  tee hee......)

Yers Truly,



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