My Puppies

"I am a demonstrative man, a baby picker-upper,
a hugger and a kisser--that's my nature."
                                            --John Wayne


Finally!  I'm a big boy now and mommy Pam has let me go courtin' some gals.   One thing sure seems strange though.  All of these gals keep wanting to git themselves in a family way...if ya know what I mean... Things sure have changed.  There was a day when a man had to marry a gal before...well,  you know...  These newfangled women's lib rules are sure confusing...

I'm not complainin' ya see...just take a look at the lovely gals I've been courtin'.  Their folks are listed...Mommy Pam only lets me go out with gals from good families.... and there is also information for their human mommy's, in case you need to reach them to discuss the young'ens that we'll be havin.   I'm sure that my boys'll be as great as me...and daddy's little girls...we'll let's just say they won't be growing up to be none of those women's libbers... 

Cahill with his daughter Wittz Surfs Up ~"Malibu

ARC Gold Sire
ARC Top Producing Sire of Champions in Breed History!
Most ARC Production Points in Breed History!

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Gamegards Offers Puppies from a Linebred Litter on Cahill and Munchie Whelped June 26, 2011


Dam: V-Rated Ch. Gamegards The Devil Wears Prada, CGC
Select 1 BISS/BIS Ch. Cammcastles Friar Tuck (“Tux”) x Ch. Gamegards Vashon v Cannon River, BH, TT, CGC (“Schona”)
CHIC #69007     AKC # WS25747901


Sire: V-Rated Ch. Gamegards Trick or Treat, BH, CGC
 V-1 Seiger Multi BIS/BISS 3x Select Ch. Gamegards U. S. Marshall, RN, CGC (“Cahill”) x V-Rated Ch. Gamegards Vashon v Cannon River, BH, TT, CGC (“Schona”)
CHIC #45366     AKC # WS16016204

Treat is sire of: Best in Sweeps & BOS in Sweeps at the 2011 CRC Specialty AND Best in Sweeps & RWD at the 2011 ARC National Specialty

Contact:   Vicky Weaver (Gamegards)
Cell:  410-310-9991


Pam Marsh (Gamegards)
Cell:  712-490-7312


Frozen Semen is available from both Cahill, and his sire, Rand.

Frozen semen is also available on Roper.
Contact Pam at  or 402-987-3423

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