I'm Coming...

To a show near you...

"Every time you turn around expect to see me.
Cause one time you'll turn around and I'll be there..."

                                                         -- John Wayne

Cahill and his best friend, Julia Foster, winning Select at the 2008 ARC National Specialty
from the Veterans class!!!  Cahill and Julia also won the stud dog class!



This page was designed for my friends out there.

When you see me out and about, please snap a picture.
(Can't you tell by now that I LOVE to have my picture taken?)

E-mail the photo to Mommy Pam at BISSCahill@webtv.net and, if she likes it, she'll add it to this page.

Thank you to Cole Harvey, Juan Griego, Susan Otto, Maurice Brown, Deb Shaw, Ann Callahan, Loretta Sobotta,
Becky Miller, Angel Nebuda and Dave Minturn for the photos below.  Smooch ya at the next show!!!


Cahill and buddy, Jarrett (Haynes) at DayCamp, playing "Bang! You're Dead!!!


Cahill and son, Chisum


Like Father, Like Son (and Son)
Cahill (Center) at the 2005 MRC Specialty with sons Cole (Kinjack Anything Goes v Cahill) on Left
and Chisum (Ch Gamegards Chisum) on the Right

Cahill and his buddy, Anthony Rosetta